Inner-aspirations about art and design: a collaboration Maria Lalaouni Ceramics X Styllas Manos


How Maria Lalaounis and Manos Styllas opened an exciting path for art and furniture display.

A celebration of the convergence between art and furniture, the collaboration between the Styllas furniture factory and Maria Lalaounis cannot go unnoticed.

Raised in Athens, Greece, after completing her studies in Film Direction, Maria Lalaounis devoted herself to the art of ceramics  while moving to Volos to set out a dynamic vision for her work.

Originating from the Greek town of Volos, Manos Styllas, owner of the Styllas furniture firm and creative director of its line of

production, initiated the collaboration with the artist, honouring his lively hometown and the making of interior spaces that embrace custom made possibilities –– art and furniture–– capable of

reflecting one's aesthetic imagination and eccentricity.


Visitors to the Styllas showroom located in Alimos, Athens, can find pieces of the ceramics artist, ranging from daily objects to small-scale

anthropomorphic sculptures which gracefully accompany modern armchairs, sofas, chairs, beds as

well as dining and cocktail tables. By bringing this 

collaboration to fruition, the Styllas firm has revolutionized what furniture showrooms typically offer,

reorienting them toward creativity and imagination, leaving us with a

thirst about what is next to come.